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May 01, 2015

Scalable VPS Hosting with Lightning-Fast Solid-State Drives

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Do you need a hosting solution that supports content-heavy, high-traffic websites? Solid-state drives paired with virtualization technology deliver a hosting solution that offers speed, scalability and elasticity. No matter how demanding your needs may be, SSD hosting can exceed them. To get the comprehensive and VPS SSD Web Hostingstable provisioning you need, choose a company with years of experience in the hosting industry. JaguarPC’s SSD VPS hosting packages and services are second to none, and offer an assortment of helpful core features and add-ons. Swift Data Location SSD VPS delivers unmatched speed and dependability – which makes it ideal for websites that attract large volumes of traffic. Even content-heavy websites load at the speed of light with SSDs. The same can’t be said for conventional storage solutions – which have to rotate to access data. SSDs’ input/output operations per second outperform SATA and SAS by about 1,200%. The most beneficial feature of an SSD is the fact that its 100% solid. SSDs lack moving mechanical parts, and can locate data immediately without causing delays. First-Rate Equipment Virtual private server hosting, coupled with high-powered RAID-10 drive arrays, delivers a hosting experience akin to a dedicated server. As an experienced, industry-leading hosting provider, JaguarPC doesn’t skimp on the resources available to our clients. Each Quad-core Xeon VPS node is outfitted with a generous amount of RAM – giving you the platform you need to succeed in the demanding world of online business. Like dedicated hosting, you’ll have the freedom to manage your resources at will. You can scale up or scale down – depending on your business’s needs and goals. Assortment of Hosting Features If your website is content-heavy and generates dense traffic on a daily basis, SSD hosting is probably ideal for you. SSDs are designed for speedy data location – making them the perfect solution for businesses that aren’t satisfied with the response times of their websites. Our SSD VPS plans offer a wide range of features and add-ons, including but not limited to:
  • Additional SSD Choice of operating systems Client dashboard ClientExec SSL Certificates 24/7/365 server monitoring Daily backups Root access
You’ll enjoy the convenience of personalized features, as well as improved customer satisfaction through faster site loading times.
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