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Oct 22, 2018
Understanding the Basics of VPS Hosting

It's estimated that, on average, server downtime costs clients $7,903 per minute. Now, think about the advertised uptime guarantees. If clients are getting quoted 99.5% availability, that translates to an average of $173,000 per month lost. As ...

Jan 25, 2007
Duplicate Content Issues

Duplicate content is an issue that every site owner should be concerned about. Some things that cause duplicate content can be dealt with easier than others. For instance. If your site can be accessed by: domain.com dom...

Jan 10, 2007
Windows to open Suse 10.2

Well it looks like I fannaly got the pateince to download the 5 cd's for open suse 10.2. I will be making the switch here soon. The main question that remains is dual boot or no dual boot? Sure it would be great to still h...

Dec 29, 2006
Vps and the world?

I know many people are wondering when they look at sits such as JaguarPC and many other, what is a VPS? A VPS is short for Virtual Private Server. Now this far from answers the question What is a VPS. A Virtual Private ...

Dec 04, 2006
Define Email Spam

I realize this question is somewhat subjective. What is email spam to me may not be by your definition. I think we can all agree that email spam is unsolicited email sent in bulk. What comes to my mind immediately is emai...

Nov 02, 2006
Yahoo Update on Robots.txt

If you want more control over how Yahoo spiders your site, then you need to read this article on wild cards.

Nov 02, 2006
Blogs that are a Critical

If you are interested in keeping up with what is happening with Search Engines there are a few blogs that every webmaster should read. Googles WebMaster Central Matt Cutts Blog Yahoos Blog MSN Blog If you wa...

Oct 25, 2006
Aren't we all a little crazy?

Everyone has something in their life at some point that just consumes them, right now Id be lying if I didnt say jaguarpc has me by a leash. I was just searching for tunes when I was reminded of a really good song by Gnarls B...

Sep 25, 2006
Page Cannot Be Displayed error when trying to open the Control Panel

Problem When I try to open my control panel, I get a Page Cannot Be Displayed error. I'm trying to open it using localhost on port 8086. Solution 1.) Check the configuration tool, under the Website tab. What have y...

Sep 25, 2006
ValidateLicenceEx Invalid licence key. Licence has expired.

Helm keeps giving ' ValidateLicenceEx Invalid licence key. Licence has expired. ' errors in the log Problem On occasions, the licence updater stays in memory and doesn't end properly if ran from a scheduled task (you ...

Sep 25, 2006
Unable to add server. Can not obtain Licence From Server

When I try to add a server to Helm, I get the error ' Unable to add server. Can not obtain Licence From Server '. Problem When I try to add a server to Helm, I get an error saying: Unable to add server. Can not obtain ...